Hustler Chainless 4000V – with a deserved reputation for being ultra tough and ultra reliable.

New Zealand’s favourite balefeeder for many years, the innovative Chainless balefeeders are Hustler’s flagship models.

Five Reasons to Choose a Chainless

  1. No feed chains = extremely low maintenance.
    Less wear, longer life and low power requirement due to superior Hustler engineering.
  2. Will easily feed out round or square bales, any size.
    The Chainless can handle almost any type of bale that you have on hand—balage, hay, straw, lucerne etc.
  3. Bales are teased apart by variable rotors.
    The Chainless lays down a fluffed-up windrow which stock can easily eat, reducing trampled and wasted feed—making your bales go further.
  4. Proven farmer-friendly bale loading systems.
    Hustler have set the bench mark for others to follow. When we say total control we mean it.
  5. Two year warranty, Hustler’s stamp of quality.
    Backed up by more than 200 accredited dealers nationwide.

For a full Hustler product range, specifications or further information please give Robert a call on 0272 491 767 or visit All Farm Engineering on State Highway One, Hinds.

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